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Mar 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
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Mar 25, 2013 2:00am PDT
that only tom had a motive to kill dar. but the defense claimed police had rushed to judgment. defense attorney tom shaver and defense investigator ken kol ber steen. >> in their mind, it's always the boyfriend or the husband. >> or the person who findsed body. >> fwhi this case was. >> the husband and tom. >> they wanted me bad. what's easy for them, to go after someone they can physically see or to go after someone they cannot physically see. >> what's wrong with the idea that the motive was the money? >> absolutely not. we had a mortgage. to move on it was going to take a heck of a lot more than that. >> after two weeks, the jury had its verdict. >> i felt that the evidence was going to prove i had absolutely nothing to do with this. >> 12 jurors didn't share that feeling. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder. >> i was just, what? i was just shocked. >> what was wrong with the jury? what did they know that i don't know? how could they convict a man on what they had? >> they knew what a conviction was meant for me. and for life without the possibility of pa
Mar 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
strategy remains to be seen. an insanity defense? some court observers here expect that. or perhaps self defense. a claim that brittany attacked him before he killed her. as brittany's family awaits a trial, her friends look after brittany's dogs. >> they're in great shape. happy, healthy. they're really good dogs, you know. brittany would have wanted that. she would have wanted, you know, somebody that loves them to have them. >> and her friends mourn, as does her family. >> i guess you have a point from which you move on, but there really isn't closure. and that actually is something that the homicide detectives know. there really isn't closure. it's a cliche people use, but there is no closure. >> brittany tavar lived life on her own terms. naive maybe, reckless sometimes. and it cost her dearly. >> she just thought she was invincible. she didn't think anything bad would happen. >> that's part of who she was. she did have a very big heart. >> she did and lived out loud and was exuberant and generous and for those who loved her, is eternally missed for all those things. >> she was
Mar 18, 2013 2:00am PDT
. defense attorney made the argument. and then melissa took the stand. >> emotionally, the damage you have caused me is almost unbearable. for alissa, you crumbled her foundation. and everything she knew to be right and true. and as hard as this is to do or believe, i also want you to know i have found it in my heart to forgive you. >> and then james got his sentence. >> the murder charge you're sentenced to life in prison. >> life without parole. ever. afterwards, the little girl in the middle of the family drama, turned to melissa with a remarkable request. alissa asked to meet with james. and was ushered in to see him before he was wisked away. >> i told him that i decided to forgive him. and that i wanted him to have hope. >> and she went then. tears of forgiveness, the lingering grief for her father. and as for melissa? >> are you ready to move on? >> i am. very red eye. >> you have a relationship now. you're engaged. >> yeah. >> where will you keep ben? >> he'll always be in my heart. he'll never be forgotten, but we do have to go on. we still have to be here and live day to day
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4